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Databinding Basics 01 May 2008

Posted by Ramaswamy Palaniappan in Back to Basics, C#.

Dinesh has written a couple of articles on databinding, he defines the basics very clearly and simply.

BindingSource – A Closer Look…

DataBinding – DataGridView/BindingSource

BindingSource and BindingList Of T – DataBinding made simple!

Data Binding – What are NullValue and DataSourceNullValue properties?


1. Marco Biswas - 18 Nov 2008

Is it possible to bind 2 DataGridView grids to 2 business objects (Customer, Payments) tied together in a relationship by CustID property. I have seen your example using a dataset and 2 tables, but my company wants me to use 2 business objects instead. How do I bind master/child relation between these 2 business objects for 2 grids?
Marco Biswas

2. Ben - 10 Sep 2009

I’m working on a project that I need to have a master detail datagridview and also the corresponding textbox to show the value in a selected row for both master datagridview and detail datagridview. In detail dataset I have four fields that are common with master dataset. If I bind those four fields into textbox control, the program is running just fine. But if I put any other fields in detail dataset into textbox control, I’ll run into some running error such as “that colomun doesn’t belong to master datatable.” I don’t seem to get a good solution from googling internet so hope you can give me a good direction. Is that structurely the vb.net 2005 doesn’t support bind the detail data to textbox?

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