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Choosing the Right Workflow Tool for Your Project 23 May 2008

Posted by Ramaswamy Palaniappan in Comparison, WF.

This article will provide guidance for choosing between Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 and Windows Workflow Foundation in a variety of Application and Enterprise Integration workflow scenarios.


1. Todd Bridges - 14 Sep 2008

Biztalk gets rewritten every few years, which likely means that Microsoft is fumbling through their development, building upon an inflexible architecture that is unable to evolve. Even this article speaks of yet another impending rewrite to take advantage of WF. I’ve always been afraid to invest much time in it for that reason. Workflow Foundation has it’s weaknesses, but being included in the .NET Framework, it shows a committment to the technology and puts the developers in full control of their workflow infrastructure. With WF, you are able to ensure your technology provides the level of flexibility needed by your environment, and as other technologies evolve, you are able to update your infrastructure as you see fit. Use Biztalk, and you’ll find yourself always waiting on the next version to provide some new feature – build the features yourself, and you’ll end up with your own rewrite when Microsoft finishes theirs to release the next Biztalk.

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