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List of Visualizers for Visual Studio. 16 Mar 2010

Posted by Ramaswamy Palaniappan in C#, Components & Library, Tools, Visual Stdio, WCF, WPF.
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Visual Studio 2005 includes a new debugging feature called visualizers, which can be used to create a human-readable view of data for use during the debugging process. Visual Studio 2005 includes a number of debugger visualizers by default, most notably the DataSet visualizer, which provides a tabular interface to view and edit the data inside a DataSet. While the default visualizers are very valuable, perhaps the best part of this new interface is that it is completely extensible. With just a little bit of work you can write your own visualizers to make debugging that much easier.


  1. WCF Visualizers Tool
  2. Cache Visualizer
  3. LINQ to SQL Debug Visualizer
  4. Visualizer for WPF
  5. Regular Expression Visualizers
  6. Hex String Visualizer
  7. XML Visualizer for Visual Studio 2005
  8. Dataset Visualizer
  9. RightHand.Dataset.Visualizer for VS2005
  10. RightHand.Dataset.Visualizer v0.9.12 for VS2008
  11. Visualizers For Web Debugging


In this page, you can find good list of visualizers.


How to create your own Visualizer?

1. Custom Visual Studio Visualizer

2. Quick Debugger Visualizers in Visual Studio 2005

Yahoo UI Library. 30 Apr 2008

Posted by Ramaswamy Palaniappan in Components & Library.
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If you are a web developer then this Yahoo library might help you.